Would you like to join our team???

You can by looking over the ministry teams listed below. The contact person & email listed for each ministry will connect you with the Ministry Team Leader. Please provide them with your basic contact information and any role you feel excited about. They will respond to you with the updated serving needs specific to that ministry and the responsibilities that each role has.

I'm ready to serve right now!

Hit the link below to fill out a Connect Card. Make sure to select "find a place to serve" to see the many options we have at each MCC campus.

For additional questions, please contact our Connections Director, Dawn Arnold at dawna@mccth.org.

Ministry Teams

Connections  - Dawn Arnold - dawna@mccth.org
     Greeters, Ushers, Parking Team, Discover MCC classes, Coffee Shop

Facility Management - Doug Hall - dhall@mccth.org
     Mowing Team

Worship Ministry
     Band - Brett King - 
     Technical Production of Services - Paul Bamberg - pbamberg@mccth.org

Family Ministry
     Kids (Birth - 5th Grade) - Jason McLeod -
     Students (6th - 12th grade) - Jim Pendleton -


God has uniquely created each of us with a specific and particular S.H.A.P.E., purpose, and role in His family and in His work, where you live, work, and play, at home, next door, and around the world. This S.H.A.P.E. assessment will help you begin to discover and unlock some of the answers to your unique design, such that you might be more equipped to understand God’s calling for your life. Click below to begin:

S - Spiritual Gifts - A special capacity for service given by God to every believer for the benefit of His Church, the Body of Christ

H - Heart - A God-given desire that invigorates and motivates you to meaningful ministry involvement for God’s kingdom.

A - Abilities - Talents and skills given by God to every human being for His glory (whether people love Him or not) that demonstrate His common grace to everyone.

P - Personal Style - Your natural and energized approach to life and relationships.

E - Experiences - Events and situations in your life that God has used to mold you into who you are.