Becoming a Foster Family

Indiana is currently in crisis with their need for foster parents. Calls to the child abuse hotline have increased exponentially over the past year.

Foster care is caring for children in your home who cannot safely live with their parents or guardians.

Foster care is designed to be temporary while the parents or guardians prepare to care for their children with the ultimate goal always being reunification of children with their birth families or guardians. However, adoption can be an option in cases where parental rights are terminated.

There are approximately 17,000 children in Indiana in need of services and placement outside of their homes. Although foster parents are not paid an income, they receive financial reimbursement for caring for children; the amount is based upon the needs of the child.

The typical time to complete the licensing process is four to six months. You have control over the age, gender, number of children, known behavior or medical issues, etc. depending on your comfort level.

To begin the process of fostering in your home, complete the form below and a Fostering Hope team member will get in contact with you.