Did you miss the Small Group sign up in August?
Already in a Small Group?

We are holding a Small Group event called Group Up on Sunday, September 28th at the Highway 46 campus from 5PM - 7PM. This event is both for those already in a Small Group, and for those who are still looking to join one.

If you are in an established group that is already closed to new members this will still be a fun, family-oriented, fellowship event for you to hang out with your Small Group outside of your usual Small Group time.

If you are in a group that is still open for new members, this event gives people that missed the opportunity to sign up for your group another chance to join. Feel free to invite prospects to meet you in a fun, comfortable event.

We will first have a time for the whole family to eat some great food. The children will then be separated to play on some inflatables and/or be watched by our childcare team, allowing the adults time together in fellowship, as well as to iron out any details about Small Groups - including to get signed up if they haven’t already.

Registration for adults is not needed, however, please register for childcare so that we have enough caretakers to keep your kids safe during this event.