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During your teenage years, can you recall somebody who supported you as you grew in your faith? Somebody who was always there for you and cared about what was happening in your life? For those who grow up in the Church, somebody like that often plays a tremendous role in their walk with Christ.

We believe every teenager needs somebody who knows their name and what’s happening in their life. Somebody who shows up predictably and consistently over time. Somebody who says and does the same things that a loving parent would. When we choose to be a somebody, we create an environment where teenagers feel safe and significant, allowing them to flourish in their faith. When this happens nothing can compete.

Across MCC we have many teenagers who need a somebody. Working together, we have the opportunity to ensure every teenager in our church has a somebody. Will you Be Somebody? Join us Sunday, July 28 at 12:30pm - 2:00pm to hear more about Middle School Ministry. Childcare is included!