A ton has happened with our Fostering Hope ministry since we launched in February so we wanted to share how God was continuing to work in the foster care system through MCC!  
We have 11 Care communities that are officially loving on Foster families!
One foster parent commented:
"Just have to tell you that my care community is fabulous!!! Loving this!!! Thank you!!"
Another foster family, the Spears, have three foster kiddos and moved soon after getting a care community.  Of course the Care Community jumped right in to lend a hand (pictured below).  Here is what the Spears had to say, "It has been amazing and such a blessing.  We are so thankful!"


Our foster parents are now sharing how great it is to have a Care Community so word is spreading. This is great! We have had several requests from foster families in the community. We have already been able to help six families outside of MCC and now have started a waiting list with more foster families interested in having a care community! 
Here are some numbers for what has happened over the last 4 months in Fostering Hope.... 
11 Care Communities started with 90 people officially started

11 more Care Communities are in the works with over 100 people ready to get started! 

13 foster families at MCC currently with kiddos and at least 3 more MCC families in the middle of foster care licensing process and several more licensed for respite.
I'm not sure if you understand how awesome those numbers are so here is some context. With 22 care communities and 200 people, we would be the second largest Foster care ministry in the STATE connected to Hands of Hope, in just a few months. That is amazing! God is doing something great!!  
We are hosting 12 DCS leaders as our special guests at the Global Leadership Summit in August.  We want them to know they are doing important work so we are investing in them as they pour out so much for others.  We are excited to continue to build relationships with the DCS leaders and be a resource for them moving forward.

Previously, a group from MCC had the privilege of remaking some of the visit rooms for foster kids and bio-fams at the DCS office creating a clean, warm and welcoming space that they can enjoy and be proud of.  
If you aren't involved yet, or have friends or family that might be interested please share the needs we have to continue to help foster families in the Wabash Valley:
1.  People willing to help with Care communities down South. We have foster families in Sullivan and Fairbanks that we want to support.
2.  Team leaders for new care communities. We have tapped all of our team leaders that started with the launch in February and now need more team leaders to launch new groups.  
3.  More foster families from MCC!! If God has been stirring in your heart to learn more about fostering kids, this is always the biggest need and would love to talk with you more about what it looks like.

4.  More people who are ready to join a care community and support and love on foster kiddos and their families. Join in on what God is doing!