Awaken the Dawn is a worship movement, a prayer movement, and a missions movement.

They have reserved the National Mall in Washington, D.C. October 6th-9th, 2017. They are calling America to an unprecedented worship movement on the National Mall. When we gather around the invisible God, the impossible becomes possible.

They will gather in 50+ tents covering the National Mall. It will be a tent-city filled with worship, music, prayer, and the gospel.

Each of the 50 states will have a tent for day and night prayer and relational connection. There will be larger regional tents with full sound systems for day and night worship and music. Nothing like this has every been done before in our nation's capital. Washington, D.C. will be a resting place of God and a staging ground for missions.

On the final day-all day-they are extremely excited to partner with TheCall in a big stage venue on the National Mall! On this final day, they will worship, pray, preach the gospel with signs and wonders, and commission a generation to complete the Great Commission!