COMMUNITY is one of our core beliefs.

We were not meant to live this life alone. But how can this work when a church like Maryland is so big?

At MCC we encourage everyone to be a part of a C-group (the "C" stands for Community). Essentially, this is simply a smaller group of people (usually 8-12  people) who meet on a regular basis for bible study and prayer. It is in this environment that people can develop the deeper relationships necessary for your growth as Christian.

These are the people that we "do life with" and who are commonly referred to at MCC as our "3am friends." You know, the people who can call at any time - day or night - because you know them, and they know you. 


We are launching our Summer C Groups on Sunday, June 10th with our Assassins series on the 7 deadly sins. Start a group or join a group and take a step closer to Christ this summer. 


Current Discussion Guide & Starter Videos:

C-Group Start Kit: