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Fall C Classes

Fall C Classes will begin meeting on Thursday nights on October 13th from 6:30 PM - 8 PM. This session will last for 6 weeks. Childcare is available for children ages birth through 5th grade, however, children must be pre-registered for us to arrange the correct amount of care. 

Registration begins on Monday, Sept. 26th for both classes and childcare.

Classes being offered this session are:

The Battle (spiritual warfare Bill Koehler)

We read in the gospels that Jesus engaged the enemy throughout his time on earth. We are to be imitations of Christ, therefore we have the same battles in our walk. We’ll study the scriptures that will help you understand the great authority God has given His church to win this Battle.

Jesus engaged in spiritual warfare throughout his time here on earth. As his followers we are in the same battle whether we want to be or not. In this class we will establish our authority in Christ through scripture and discover how this is the strongest weapon we have from God to defeat the enemy.

Jesus went toe to toe with demons almost every day of His ministry and won. We fight the same battles but don’t seem to have the same won/lost record. Come and learn how to gain the upper hand against the enemy through the authority of Christ given to us.

Praying for Our Country (Roberta Adams) 

God calls us to pray. As believers, we want to thoughtfully and intentionally lift up our country and it’s leaders in prayer. As we move into another election season, we have an opportunity to come and learn how we can pray for God to be glorified in our land, by our leaders and through our actions. Regardless of who is elected, God’s hand is over them. This class is a great opportunity to engage in prayer for God to move and awaken the people of our country to the reality of the gospel. 

Spanish for Missions  (Emily Gonzalez)

One of the most common regrets of people who go on mission trips is that they can’t speak the language. While we may not be able to build a fluent understanding of Spanish in a few weeks of classes (but hey, who knows?) we can provide you with a basic ability to speak Spanish and an understanding of South American culture. If you plan on going on a mission trip at anytime in your life to a place where Spanish is spoken, this class is an outstanding opportunity for you prepare yourself!